The Altruistic Unconditional LOVE

#QFF #QuintessentiallyFeminineFriday

Altruism and love go hand in hand, a person cannot love unconditionally without being altruistic, nor can a person be altruistic without loving unconditionally. According to evolutionary theory we should only feel such emotions for people who pass our genes to future generations, such as partners and children. Although the truth of the matter is unconditional love may be experienced towards people whom there is seemingly little or no connection.


So what is unconditional love really? Unconditional love is a love that comes from Source, a love that is within you and accessible at any moment because it transcends time and space. The rewarding nature of unconditional love facilitates the creation of strong emotional links.
Often times in personal or human love there are aspects of possessiveness, demand or expectation that are based on condition, limitation, or material and selfish desire. In cases like this we must ask if the primary focus really unconditional Love OR is this an implication that the ‘Love’ is not acceptable in some way.

The part of the human brain called the pre-frontal cortex enables us to think into the future, and when we think of a future we gain security. Such robust bonds may critically contribute to the survival of the human species. This type of love, extended to others without exception, is considered to be one of the highest expressions of spirituality.

This love was something I knew in my heart, but couldn’t explain all I could do is remain aware and simultaneously trust that something beyond me, something far purer, was actually taking place. When the happiness and security of another person means as much to you, or more than your own happiness and security then you know you’ve reached the alturistic place of unconditional.

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